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With the right home racing simulator cockpit, you can!

A racing simulator cockpit is an immersive experience that will give you a chance to get behind the wheel of some of your favourite cars.

This article will discuss what these cockpits are and how home racing simulators work.

The first thing you need to know when looking for a home racing simulator cockpit is whether or not full motion will be available. Full-motion cockpits move your body as the vehicle moves; this means as the vehicle leans left, right, forward, back or the rear of the car twists and slides left or right then you on your seat and the steering wheel and pedals also move accordingly.

Motion SIMS can cost upwards of £11,000 so it’s really important to get your decision right.

What’s a racing simulator cockpit?

It is a high-tech driving experience that uses motion and visuals to simulate the feeling of sitting in an actual car.

What else can they be used for?

A Racing Simulator Cockpit can also be used as training tools because they provide drivers with accurate representations of what their cars look like and does on track without putting them in any real danger.

Most professional teams train using a racing simulator cockpit in the teams to supplement the real racing, due to expense of being on a track.

How do racing simulator cockpits work?

It works by providing accurate representations of the car’s position, speed and surrounding environment concerning what would be seen if driving on an actual race track.

When using a home racing simulator cockpit, there is no need to worry about squishing the car or crashing into other drivers, because all of this is simulated by the racing cockpit.

What tech do they use?

The technology behind a racing cockpit is complex but allows drivers to train as realistically as possible without putting themselves at risk or damaging their cars.

Racing simulator cockpits for entertainment

Did you know a racing cockpit can also be used for personal entertainment, including playing games like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport with friends online?

What are some examples of these products?

Many different brands offer great options for those who want to get into this type of experience including Natural Motion Games, SimXperience, Play.

What else is included?

The cockpit will usually have one seat, along with a steering wheel, pedals and other controls to make it feel like you’re actually taking part in a race.

Since there’s no engine sound, these cockpits use surround sound speakers for external noise so you can hear every little detail while travelling at full speed!

What are the immersion options?

When it comes to immersion, there are a few different types of cockpits you can purchase.

The first is the basic cockpit with no motion capabilities.

This type usually includes pedals and controls but not much else in terms of features or extras.

The second option is a full-motion racing simulator for sale, including all three sets of controls and some other added options like force feedback steering wheels and more!

The cockpit allows drivers to feel as if they’re actually driving on a track when playing games such as Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport online with friends!

Surround sound options

Racing simulator cockpits feature lots of options for total immersion and it’s important that you find the one with all of your needs!

Some cockpits have built-in surround sound options, which can completely submerge drivers in whichever game they’re playing and really get them into the moment.

This accessory is a must for those looking to recreate racing conditions as closely as possible without having to drive on public roads or go to race tracks. With these accessories included, it’ll feel like you’re actually going fast around a track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway without any worry about crashing or getting hurt!

Racing seat options

When choosing the seat you need to consider the type of racing you will be doing, GT or Formula. Since the driving position is different for both, the seats are quite different, but you can drive one type of car with the other driving position as its a SIM, so pick the on you will be doing the most.

Getting a seat slider is a good option, this allows you to make those micro adjustments to your seat position.

You can also get seats that come with reclining and lumbar support to prevent back pain over time from constantly leaning forward.

A good quality racing seat like the Playseat challenge with excellent back support from a lumbar support cushion will make all those hours playing gaming even more enjoyable!

If possible, try getting one with adjustable lumbar support and a lumbar support cushion as these do wonders to keep pain at bay during long sessions behind the keyboard or controller.

There’s so much more than seat sliders to think about

You should also consider the height of your driving wheel; more on those later.

Racing wheels

The “wheel” on the driving simulator is an important part of your input device as it will be used to control all aspects of the game you’ll be playing.

A G27 steering wheel offers 900 degrees turn lock-to-lock rotation which means that no matter how far or near you turn the wheel from its centre position; you can still make full turns without having to move your hands at all!

This type of thing matters when speeding down hairpin curves in Dirt Rally or trying to find a narrow passage through traffic in Gran Turismo Sport. It’s these little but powerful details (pun intended) that truly set them apart.

Gear shifter holder for your simulator cockpit

When choosing your gear shifter holder for your simulator cockpit there are lots of things for you to consider.

One of the most important is whether or not you have a manual transmission. If so, an H-pattern shifter holder will work best for you. You can also find a shifter mount that clamps onto your desk and holds your gear stick in place while keeping it close to your hand without taking up too much space.

These are great if you’re racing games like Forza Motorsport where changing gears manually can be advantageous over using paddle shifts on the wheel.

How to chose the right pedals for your simulator cockpit

The pedals are another important feature to consider when you’re looking for a good simulator cockpit setup because they can affect your racing position.

When shopping around for pedals, be sure to take note of how sensitive the throttle pedal is in relation to gas and brake sensitivity on your wheel.

You also want your pedals calibrated so that the accelerator will match up with what you feel from the force feedback (or lack thereof) through the wheel too.

This is particularly important if you want to achieve a good racing position.

We recommend using foot pedals if possible since this allows for more precise control as well as an authentic driving experience.

If not, then go ahead and use any type without hesitation! It doesn’t matter which one you choose because they all work equally well in terms of realism, just make sure that whichever ones you do get have been properly configured by a SIM expert.

More to consider

For SIM racers there’s more to choosing good racing simulator cockpits than just pedals and seats too – make sure to take into account what type of monitors work best for you before making any purchase decisions.

The last main component which is often overlooked when buying a full motion racing simulator or simulator cockpit is sound systems!

Realistic racing sounds

To get that intense gaming feeling from the simulator cockpit, you need to have a realistic racing sound that simulates the engine noise and exhaust.

You can find this on YouTube as well: it is important for people who are new to these simulations and simulator cockpits which will help them in choosing the best one for their needs.

A full motion racing simulator or simulator cockpit will provide you with an immersive gaming experience that takes up more space than your average computer desk!

If you’re also interested in VR experiences then make sure there’s room enough for both items before purchasing anything- or get ready to move furniture if necessary when building the set up according to what works best for your living situation.

Our simulator cockpit is designed to accommodate drivers or customers of any height with adjustable armrests and seats so that they can find their optimal position in order to drive comfortably–even when playing marathon sessions!

There are also many options available for customizing users controls like shifters or steering wheels so that it feels just right while racing around your favourite tracks.

PC hardware

Our top of the range full motion simulator or simulator cockpit boasts six degrees of freedom (Dof) which means it moves in six different directions, as you would expect to make this work we need top of the range PC built especially for our simulator cockpit or motion platform.

That’s why we chose the Typhoon from VFE it’s built on the amazing power of NVIDIA’s RTX3080 graphics card it is the most powerful performer in our range. 

These desktop pcs bring unbelievable performance and design to our simulator cockpit across all major simulator platforms including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista 1&2 and F1 2013 to 2020.

Commercial use at events

For companies looking to offer racetrack experiences, simulation experience or sim racing at events without all the hassle or expense of real-life driving, a racing cockpit or motion platform is a perfect solution.

An investment in an effective and well-maintained racing simulator or simulator cockpit will ensure that your company has access to high-quality entertainment thanks to a motion platform that can be offered at any event, with no risk or hassle whatsoever!

About Blue Box SIMS

Based in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom the founders of Blue Box SIMS were in exactly the same position as you and that is why they founded the company; they realised there was a gap in the market for them to provide a complete solution.

The founders of Blue Box SIMS know that sourcing all of the components for your home racing simulator is a daunting task and don’t want you to have to worry about it, they will take care of everything including delivery and set up*

More than that they are actually racers; their son regularly competes in the club and national championships such as the British Karting ChampionshipLGM and Ultimate Karting Championship.

We also offer a flight simulator cockpit range, as well as accessory products.

That was where Blue Box SIMS began, where you can shop the collection for all your SIM racing needs.


You don’t need to be a racecar driver or have deep pockets in order to experience the thrill of racing. A racing rig can provide that feeling for you without any expensive equipment, and it’s a great way to exercise your driving skills as well.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a perfect gaming setup, we have everything you need to get started!

We sell racing simulators that can be set up in your living room so you don’t even need to leave home. As well as all the accessories you need.

And if you’re not sure which one is right for you or what accessories you need, our team of experts are always available to help answer any questions and provide recommendations.

Which type would work best for someone who wants to race?

Also, don’t forget to mention what accessories and brands you would choose.

Let us know what kind of racing simulator interests you most in the comments below.

You can also contact us on our socials to let us know your thoughts or if you need any help.

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