Race SIM

We’re racers here at Blue Box SIMS. We know you want to feel the thrill of hurtling down a winding track, feeling your heart pounding as your car swerves around turns and narrowly misses barriers on this white-knuckle ride of adrenaline – without crashing into them!

We do things differently than most racing simulators because we don’t just have one set style or package for people to order from us; instead, we let our clients create their ideal simulation experience with any number of unique packages that are constantly being updated by our team. So what’s it going to be? Are you ready for an exhilarating drive through mountains, deserts or highways?

Please call us so that we can create the right simulator for you, and therefore also the right price for you.

For you to review, here you can find our details of all our Race Simulator Packages for professional and home use.