Alcantara damage on sims steering wheels

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How To Clean Alcantara Steering Wheel

Read on to find out how to clean your Alcantara steering wheel.

You’re probably here because your nice expensive Alcantara SIM racing wheel looks like this above – flat and shiny in the three and nine o’clock positions with a little bit grey towards other positions, giving it that aged and worn look, and you want to know what’s the most effective way to clean and restore your racing steering wheel back to its former glory.

Now, I always say “prevention is better than curing” but that fact that you are here probably means that you missed that boat, but don’t fret, I will show you how to clean  alcantara steering wheel, and later help you to prevent it getting to look old and tired again. 

This simple process only takes 15 minutes and is only 5 steps, and guess what you don’t need expensive chemicals and specialist tools as many videos and tutorials online advise you to!

How to clean alcantara steering wheel here's what you need:

These are all the “tools” you need to clean alcantara steering wheel, most of which you may already have lying around your house today.

  • Some washing detergent, either bio, non-bio, powder or liquid although liquid does work best!
How to clean alcantara steering wheel - start with a deteregent
  • A micro fibre cloth, or a face towel/flannel (something course in texture), FibreKing have an amazing range
  • Some warm water in a small container, pretty much anything will do..
  • A small brush, I “borrowed” this one from the Mrs, shush don’t tell her… it has small plastic bristles which are ideal for reviving the Alcantara .
How to clean alcantara steering wheel - next use FibreKing fibre cloths

And now, without further a-do this is the process to get your Alcantara wheel back up-to its lovely original soft fluffy glory – without any need for those chemicals, specialist tools or external help..

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Just follow these steps…

  • Mix a few drops of washing detergent with your warm water and soak your cloth.
  • Squeeze out any excess liquid from the cloth so that it’s damp and grip your wheel tightly twisting the cloth so that it scrubs at the wheel – this is especially important as you don’t want to get any water into the electronics of your favourite wheel!
  • Ensure the whole wheel is scrubbed firmly, don’t be afraid to really grip and twist it!
  • Get into the tighter spots by looping the cloth around the wheel and pulling back and forth… use this as an example:
  • Rinse your cloth, with fresh hot water, and repeat the scrubbing process until you are happy with the result.
  • Once you have scrubbed the areas that are mostly flatten i.e., the three and nine o’clock, just light run the fibre cloth over the rest of the wheel too.
  • Use the brush to “fluff” up the Alcantara to a nice even finish.

And that’s it! Within just 15 minutes, your wheel will go from looking like this:

Alcantra damage start

…to this half-way:

Alcantra damage half done

…then finally this!

Alcantra damage completely repaired

Now your wheel will feel soft and fluffy again as you attack that online race once more.

Prevention is better than Curing!

Oh, I almost forgot, to prevent get yourself some racing gloves, they don’t have to be super expensive some kart racing gloves will do, you may still need to clean your wheel from time to time, but it will last you a whole lot longer.


Credit, where credit is due…

A shout out to John Marcar from CarThrottle, where I got the process from and adapted it a little, and yes it works for your Alcantara car steering wheel too!




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