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No event scheduled currently, join our Facebook group to make suggestions.

Typical Event Format

Sportsmanship Guidelines: Strict Adherence to GTSport Sportsmanship Policy.

Up to 60 entries available: The fastest 30 in qualifying going through to heats and finals.

Practice lobby to Open 1 hour prior to event. PSN ID BlueBoxSIMS and BooBoo-Racing.

Timed Qualifying: will be run for 10 minutes.

Heat Races: will be 8 Laps. Grids will be Front and Back Position, using a fair system.

Final Races: will be 10 Laps

Winner of the only FINAL is the winner of the event, not the driver who has the most points overall in the event.

5-10 Minute break at the end of each session.

Points System

Points are ONLY awarded for Qualifying, Heats and Final race, which are:
1st>70, 2nd>65, 3rd>60, 4th>59, 5th>58, 6th>57 etc… with DNS or DNF>0

Qualifying; time is ONLY for points, and count towards your starting position in Final.

Heat Races; finishing position awards points, which count towards your starting position in final.

Final; Starting positions determined by total of points earned from Qualifying and Heats. The higher your points total so far, the further up the grid you start.

Winner of the FINAL is the winner of the Event, not who has the most points overall.

Points total for event is given, but currently it has no value.

Special Events Rules

Tyres: Soft Only

Tyre Wear: Off

Fuel Consumption: Off

Tuning: Off

BOP: On 

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