SIM Racing Studio “Double-The-Fan” Power Wind Package – SIM Racing Fan


This SIM Racing Fan SRS Package gives you the immersion of wind with open cockpit racing or flying a small plane for your racing simulator or flight simulator.

  • If you want to increase wind speed by 40%-50% get Optional Air Flow Straightener package!
SIM Racing Fan by SIM Racing Studio “Double-The-Fan” Overview

By adding the SRS Power Wind Package, you take your racing simulator or flight simulator immersion to yet another level.

With the addition of Wind you get a real sensation of driving a car, as you can feel the speed you are racing at you are able to better plan your braking and turning points. Furthermore, if you have the Optional Air Flow Straightener package Wind is increased by 40%-50%!

There is no manual configuration needed on your PC for each cart or rack, once the base setup is done in the Free Sim Racing Studio Application, the simulation software, your track and speed is automatically recognised. The fans speed up inline with your track speed, not in intervals, i.e. every 1mphkph change is an increase in RPM of the fans, and if that was not enough, it will also help keep you cool!

See this video explain how it works: Sim Racing Studio Wind Curving

SRS IntelliBox

The IntelliBox is the AI brain that connects all your SRS accessories to your PC and learns from the game you are playing. It is this device that auto-configures fan speed, optimal shift light RPM and much more.
In addition, so that you do not use up too many USB ports on your PC, the Intellibox can connect up to 4 SRS accessories by using only one PC USB port.

If you want to increase wind speed by 40%-50% get Optional Air Flow Straightener package!

The following items are in the Package:
  • Two SRS Power Wind Fans x 2
  • SRS IntelliBox
  • 12V power supply and DC splitter
  • 2x RJ12 or Cat5
  • 1x USB cable
  • 2x GoPro 360 degree swivel mount (note that you can use any GoPro mount with SRS accessories)
  • SRS Free SimRacingStudio software
Just Plug-and-Race
  1. Install the Free SimRacingStudio App on your racing PC.
  2. Plug the USB cable from the IntelliBox to your PC.
  3. Connect your SRS accessories to the InteliBox.
  4. Connect the power supply.
  5. Configure your game (click here for instructions)
  6. Ready to race.


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