SIM Racing Studio ShakeKit including SRS License for Bass Shaker


This SRS package gives you all vibrations of a car or plane, whilst you are in your racing simulator or flight simulator

  • Like 5.1 Surround Feeling!
  • Plug-and-play cushion.
  • Four perfectly positioned transducers\bass shakers

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SIM Racing Studio ShakeKit Overview

It’s like 5.1 surround sound but with feeling for your racing simulator or flight simulator.

The SIM Racing Studio ShakeKit cushion is ready to go, just plug-and-race\fly, place the cushion on any racing\flying\gaming seat, connect the cables between your PC and the supplied ShakeBox…enjoy.

The Sim Racing Studio ShakeKit Plus includes SRS License for Bass Shaker. Within the plug-and-play “cushion” you have four transducers\bass shakers located in the best positions of the seat so that you feel all vibrations just like real car or plane.

Any motion such as curbs, road bumps, air turbulence, engine vibration, transmission\gear changes, impact, acceleration, deceleration, G forces, traction loss and much, much more…are all felt through the four strategically placed 25W-16 Dayton Pucks, independently in the right place at the right time, just as you would in a real car or plane.


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