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Our complete starter 3DOF motion racing simulator package. We are ready to take your call to customise to your requirements!

  • Great choice for gamers looking to get the most out of their experience
  • Realistic racing, with customisable choices
  • Samsung UltraHD screen & SIM rig will enhance your greatest moments
  • Single UltraHD screen.
  • Built, tested, configured, & installed.

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Our entry level motion SIM or Bronze setup Home Motion Racing Simulator  is built on the DOF Reality H3 Home Motion Simulator platform. It delivers Three Degrees of Freedom movements – yaw left and right, pitch and roll.  Standard addon’s are, the DOF Reality eBreak Button stop button and DOF Reality Protection Cover for your safety, the DOF Reality Dampers set to make the motions even smoother, as well as build modifications over and above the standard to ensure the platform remains sturdy and even quieter.

This Home Motion Racing Simulator can be used with many racing games and packages, here are a few:

  • GT Racing
  • Kart Racing
  • Rally Racing
  • Drift Racing
  • F1 Racing

All our Turnkey Home Motion Racing Simulator systems come with services included, we build, test, and configure every system at our site. This not only ensures that you end up with a system that is ready to go, but also enables an efficient delivery process to the location of your choice in the UK, with only minor tweaks needed.

Note: Gaming Simulator Software and subscriptions may apply.

Home Racing Simulator & Gaming PC

The VFE Hurricane delivers, exceptional performance in all major simulation packages just as its namesake aircraft.

At the heart of the Hurricane is INTELs six-core i7-9700K, modified by our technicians to run at stable and cool speeds of up to 4.5Ghz, providing blistering performance to “drive” your sim.

Graphics are delivered by the exceptional performance of NVIDIA’s GTX 3070 graphics card, we complete the Hurricane with 16GB of memory, a speedy 256GB SSD and 1TB of additional storage.

This system will support up to four displays out of the box making it an astonishing package for the price. Bringing great performance across all major simulator platforms including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista 1&2 and F1 2013 to 2020

All our PC’s come with 5 Year Warranty (1-year parts & labour, 4-year labour) and Lifetime Technical Support direct from VFE.

Control Hardware

The complete Fanatec ClubSport range to include the V2.5 Wheelbase, V3 Pedals, Wheel RIM GT Forza (or other of your choice) and Steering Wheel Universal hub. All of which are a great start to your Sim Racing journey with many upgrade options available in the Fanatec ecosystem.

Note: Fanatec hardware may need to be ordered directly.

Motion Racing Simulator Immersion

We here at Blue Box SIMS have many levels of Immersion to make your racing simulator experience as realistic as possible.

To keep you “in the game” with high grip material, we supply you with the Corbeau Sprint X Racing Seat. A real racing seat with which comes with many customisation options.

We also supply you with a Samsung UltraHD 32″ Gaming monitor, capable of some great frames per second.

In addition, here are some available to take your immersion to another level.

  • 5.1 Surround Sound system with subwoofer for audio from all directions.
  • Feel the motion with the SIM Racing Studio ShakeKit cushion to give you 5.1 Surround Feeling – you get all the vibrations of a car, whilst you are in your racing simulator.
  • Virtual Reality Headset to give you 360° view with ultra-sharp visuals.
  • Wind! Yes, immersion of wind from SIM Racing Studio “Double-The-Fan” Power Wind Package enabling you to better pick out the braking points, and it even keeps you cool!

So if you are looking to shave off a few seconds off your best lap times or simply want to up your game at home this is the motion racing  simulator for you.

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