Home Flight Simulator – A Cut Above 2021 Gold Package


Our complete top of the range 6DOF Home Flight Simulator Package. We are ready to take your call to customise to your requirements!

  • All 6 Degrees of Movement.
  • High end components utilised.
  • VR and Triples screens!
  • Built, tested, configured, and installed

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Gold Home Flight Simulator Package Overview

The Blue Box SIMS Gold Home Flight Simulator Package is built on the DOF Reality H6 Home Motion Simulator platform. It delivers all Six Degrees of Freedom movements – surge; side to side, sway; left and right, heave; up and down, yaw left and right, pitch and roll. Ideal as a Home Flight Simulator Setup.  Standard options are, the DOF Reality eBreak Button stop button for your safety, the DOF Reality HOTAS Mounts Kit for your flight controls, and build modifications over and above the standard to ensure the platform remains sturdy and even quieter.

This Home Flight Simulator can also be used with many racing games and packages, here are a few:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MFS 2020)
  • War Thunder (planes only)
  • Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D 4.5 and 5
  • DCS Digital Combat Simulator
  • Star Wars: Squadrons *

All our Turnkey Home Flight Simulators come with services included, we build, test, and configure every system at our site, this not only ensures that you end up with a system that is ready to go, but also enables an efficient delivery process to the location of your choice in the UK, with only minor tweaks needed.

Note: Gaming Simulator Software and subscriptions may apply.

Gaming PC

The Typhoon is our top of the range PC built specifically for Simulation by VFE.

Built on the amazing power of NVIDIA’s RTX3080 graphics card it is the most powerful performer in our range.
Bringing unbelievable performance across all major simulator platforms including Microsoft’s latest Flight Simulator 2020.

Our Typhoon uses powerhouse technology to deliver an incredibly smooth flight simulation experience.
Intel’s Core-i9 10920X CPU and NVIDIA’s brand-new GeForce RTX 3080 GPU combine to ensure that the system is unmatched in its ability to deliver outstanding frame rates within Microsoft Flight Sim 2020, P3D, X-Plane11 or DCS.

32GB of ultra-fast memory is joined by 2 lightning-fast SSD drives, 500GB M.2 SSD which loads Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 at a stunning 3.5Gb/s and a 2TB SSD for your scenery.

All our PC’s come with 5 Year Warranty (1-year parts & labour, 4-year labour) and Lifetime Technical Support direct from VFE.

Control Hardware

Let the pilot inside you take control of your flight experience and update your flight skills in the process with the VirtualFly PLUS Hall Effect range.

Yoko “the Yoke” PLUS, now has an 8-Way hat switch, Hall Effect contactless sensors and even more precision with a 12bit resolution giving 4096 possible values for your simulator, and the full electrical internal wiring providing “Infinite life.”
With its 144mm shaft, the YOKO+ gives you better pitch control and so more precision and realism to your flight simulator experience.

The YOKO+ is also part of all VirtualFlys’ Certified Aviation Training Devices certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.), you cannot get more real than that.

The TQ6 PLUS Throttle Quadrant, now too has the Hall Effect contactless sensors making it “Infinite life.”

Hands on the indispensable features of a throttle quadrant; reverse throttle, propeller feather, and cut-off mixture functions on single and twin-engine airplanes. Poor touch feeling from other throttle quadrants now a thing of the past with the adjustability to required strength on the TQ6+.

The Ruddo PLUS, also with the Hall Effect sensors. But there is more, the Ruddo+ has been incorporated with Load Cells on differential brakes for superior performance and durability, as well as simulating the minimum effort exerted in real aircraft.

Encased in aluminium, and made from solid steel components, the whole package is designed for long lasting performance, at the same time you need not worry about exceeding the forces applied to the pedals.


We here at Blue Box SIMS have combined all levels of Immersion to make your home flight simulator experience as realistic as possible…

You have 5.1 immersion both with surround sound and surround feeling!

  • The Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound THX certified system with subwoofer delivers 1000 watts of audio from all directions for you to hear.
  • The SIM Racing Studio ShakeKit Plus with perfectly positioned transducers\bass shakers give you 5.1 Surround Feeling – you get all the vibrations of a plane, whilst you are in your flight simulator.
  • The HP Reverb G2 with the best resolution of 9.3 million pixels surround you with ultra-sharp visuals, the highest that are currently available in a Virtual Reality headset.
  • To keep you “in the game” with high grip materiel and deep lateral side supports, we supply you with the Corbeau Revenge X Racing Seat, our top of the range seat, a real racing seat used by the World’s Elite in motorsport, which come with many customisation options.
  • But wait, there is more, we also supply you with three, Samsung G7 31.5″ Odyssey 4k Curved gaming monitors, capable of the highest frames per second should you wish to give the VR a rest.
  • Finally, to give you that all important immersion of wind, you have the Sim Racing Studio “Fan-tastic 4” Power Wind Package with Tubing, perfect for smaller planes, and it even keeps you cool!

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