Corbeau Sportline RRS SIM Racing Seat


A reclining bucket seat for both your motion racing simulator, and flight motion simulator, available as part of a package.

  • Gives you maximum support around the corners.
  • Comfortable seat for practicing lap times
  • Reclining with choice of left or right handle.
  • Available in Cloth, Vinyl or Leather.
  • Support in the lumbar region.

The Corbeau Sportline SIM Racing Seat RRS is a great option for your motion racing simulator, and motion flight simulator, if you want to adjust the recline of your seating position. A timeless, stylish and comfortable and safe seat for your simulator.

The Corbeau Sportline RRS boasts the following all which give you safety and comfort whilst you enjoy your home simulator:

  • Reclining with choice of left or right handle
  • High quality moulded foam cushion
  • High quality moulded foam side bolster.
  • Support in the lumbar region

There are many options available for Corbeau range, as these can only be sold as part of a package, please call to discuss, here are all options, all have a price increase unless otherwise stated:

SIM Racing Seat Trim options

As we have ticked all the other boxes within the design brief, the only upgrade option for this seat is designing a bespoke trim option of your choice. Chose from

  • Black Leather with Black Stitching – upgrade price
  • Black Vinyl with Black Stitching – included in price
  • Black Vinyl with White Stitching – included in price
  • Black Cloth – included in price

SIM Racing Seat Sizing

Dimensions of RRS are included in images, which should give you an accurate idea of sizing.

SIM Racing Seat Embroidery Upgrade

Add your name, logo or maybe your company’s / sponsors logo to give your SIM Racing seat that signature look. This is placed just under the harness holes.
Pricing includes digitisation & machine set up for each.

Top Stitch Upgrade Colour Upgrade
A Top Stitch Upgrade changes the colour of the stitching that features throughout your seat, from the standard white to the colour of your choice, in this example the Corbeau logo is red from standard white, choices are:

  • White (Standard Option), Blue, Red, Gunmetal Grey, Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Yellow
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