Corbeau Revenge X Racing Seat


Our top of the range seat is the ideal bucket seat for both your motion racing simulator, and flight motion simulator, available as part of a package.

  • Many customisation options
  • Deep lateral side supports.
  • High grip material.
  • Real racing seat used by the Worlds Elite in motorsport.

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The Corbeau Revenge X is the seat you want to have for your motion racing simulator, and motion flight simulator, which is also used by the world’s elite drivers in numerous motorsport disciplines.

The Revenge X boasts the following all which give you safety and comfort whilst you enjoy your home simulator:

  • Deep lateral side supports.
  • Integrated head restraint system.
  • High grip material.
  • Improved energy-absorbing impact foam.
  • Improved moulded foam base cushion.
  • Improved composite layup in high-stress areas.

There are many options available for Corbeau range, as these can only be sold as part of a package, please call to discuss, here are all options, all have a price increase unless otherwise stated:

Centre Cushion
You can choose from the following-coloured cushion options when ordering your seat, there is no price change for this option. Changing the colour of your cushion set may change the fabric type:

  • All Black Centre Cushion (Standard Option)
  • Blue Centre Cushion
  • Red Centre Cushion
  • Grey Centre Cushion

Revenge X is available in two size options, Standard and XL. Standard is recommended for a waist size of up to 34”, with XL recommended from a 34” waist size. Dimensions of the Revenge X are included in images, which should give you an accurate idea of sizing.

Seat Shell Composite Upgrade
There are three options available for the Seat Shell materials.

  • System 1; Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Kevlar composite is the Standard, and all our seats are this composite material.
  • System 3; Kevlar and Carbon, not only do you get a different look of the seat, but enhanced chassis feedback with this stiffer construction, and a weight saving over the standard GRP\Kevlar composite shell.
  • System 5; Our Top of the range shell option is made from Carbon, which not only does it offer increased stiffness and weight saving, buts is also aesthetically pleasing with the visible Carbon.

Gel Coat Upgrade
With the standard System 1 (GRP\KEVLAR) shells for each seat, a Gel Coat Upgrade is available, this allows you to change the shell colour from the standard Gloss Black to the colour of your choice. If you have a specific colour you would like, providing the RAL code will help us match it exactly. Popular colours include Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.
This upgrade is not available on the System 3 (Kevlar\Carbon) or System 5 (Carbon) shell upgrades.

Embroidery Upgrade
Add your name, logo or maybe your company’s / sponsors logo to give your seat that signature look. This is placed just under the harness holes.
Pricing includes digitisation & machine set up for each.

Top Stitch Upgrade Colour Upgrade
A Top Stitch Upgrade changes the colour of the stitching that features throughout your seat, from the standard white to the colour of your choice, in this example the Corbeau logo is red from standard white, choices are:

  • White (Standard Option), Blue, Red, Gunmetal Grey, Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Yellow
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